David Ellis to Direct a Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Anime 'Kite'

David Ellis to Direct a Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Anime 'Kite'

Sep 02, 2011

KiteBack in the day when I was a young film geek first testing the waters of anime, trying to discover if it was 'my thing' or not, one of the titles friends would constantly talk about was Kite.  And for some reason despite always speaking of it in glowing terms, I somehow never got around to seeing it.  Well now that will have to change, as I'm compelled to see track down Kite before Cellular and Shark Night director David R. Ellis Americanizes it with a live-action remake according to Variety.

That's not a slight against Ellis, whose Shark Night 3D opens in theaters today.  I happen to like his batting average when it comes to thrillers, and I love that he embraces kinetic stories and scripts with a crazy streak.  And though I have yet to see it, that seems to fit the bill of Yasumi Umetsu's sexually-charged 1998 anime, which is about a girl who is orphaned when her parents are brutally murdered and ends up becoming an assassin tasked with killing men who rape young girls and hunting down the corrupt detective that killed her father  (at least that's what Wikipedia tells me).

David Ellis' is currently casting the film and plans to enter production at the start of next year.  So, what say you?  Would you like to see a live-action Kite?  Is Ellis up to the task?

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