Sundance Diversion: Why Does Kirsten Dunst Like Making Out with People Upside Down?

Sundance Diversion: Why Does Kirsten Dunst Like Making Out with People Upside Down?

Jan 24, 2012

Long story short: When the trailer was released for Kirsten Dunst's upcoming sci-fi flick Upside Down, starring Jim Sturgess and Dunst as a pair of star-crossed lovers from two different worlds that are literally on top of one another, it struck a chord in me upon witnessing Kirsten Dunst making out with Jim Sturgess while he was upside down. It reminded me of a similar moment from the first Spider-Man when Dunst makes out with Tobey Maguire while he's hanging upside down. As such, that got me thinking: Does Dunst have a thing for making out with guys upside down?

Not the most sophisticated topic of conversation, I know, but when I had the chance to speak to Dunst about her Sundance comedy Bachelorette, I just had to ask about the whole making out upside down thing. "I didn't even put it together. I really didn't," she told us, referring to the now multiple instances in which she's made out with a character who's upside down in a movie. "And I'm trying to think -- did Jim [Sturgess] and I really kiss upside down? Is it in the trailer? What can I say -- I guess I'm just a freak!"

A now self-proclaimed "freak," Dunst also plays the world's biggest bitch in the raunchy Bachelorette, which premiered at Sundance last night. "I wanted to do a comedy, and most of the comedies are surrounded by male parts, and you'd play the girlfriend, ya know? I hadn't done one in awhile, so I wasn't exactly the girl you'd think of to even be in a comedy right away even though I spent a lot of my teenage years doing comedy. And then I read the script, and I laughed my ass off. And I also never get to play, like, the bitch in a movie either, which was fun for me. Then I met Leslye [Headland] and I thought, 'Alright, this woman's a genius.' I'm always about the filmmaker first, and I knew she had great taste and that we were going to have a good time no matter what."

 ""We'll have much more from Dunst and the rest of the cast of Bachelorette coming up later on.

Sundance Diversion over. You can now go about your day.


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