Geek Bites: 'Star Wars' Bloopers, 'Hobbit' TV Spots and Ben Kingsley's Marvel Return Revealed?

Geek Bites: 'Star Wars' Bloopers, 'Hobbit' TV Spots and Ben Kingsley's Marvel Return Revealed?

Oct 29, 2013

Ben Kingsley Mandarin
Who's ready for some geeky goodies on this Halloween Eve eve? If the answer is you, then dig in -- we've got some treats for you that you're going to want to check out.
First on the docket is an update to that whole "Ben Kingsley shot a secret Marvel Project" story that's been making the rounds. The guys over at Latino Review have uncovered some rumor-licious info on what the project might be. It's pretty spoiler filled, so if you don't want to know the potentially intimate details, turn back now.
According to its info, Latino Review posits that the new project is a one-shot short film in the vein of Agent Carter. In it, Kingsley will once again be playing Trevor, the character he portrayed in Iron Man 3. In the new outing, the real Mandarin (yes, apparently there are now three Mandarins) wasn't happy about Trevor and Killian's little charade and wants to clarify that he's the real deal. Could be cool -- and could pave the way for the introduction of characters like Dr. Strange -- but until we know more, keep this one filed under rumor.
With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug opening in just over two months, we're starting to see the ad campaign ramp into high gear. Two new television spots are currently making the rounds, and we've snagged both for your perusal below.
The new spots feature loads of action and a surprising amount of Orlando Bloom's Legolas (an apparent attempt to tie The Hobbit back into the orginal Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy), but we're mostly okay with that. Check out the clips and get ready to grab your tickets, which go on sale right before Thanksgiving. [via IndieWire]

Finally, two things we love -- Star Wars and bloopers -- collide in this video clip. See Chewy mess up a scene. Watch Han forget his lines. See loads of stormtroopers trip over the scenery. It's a funny glimpse behind the scenes of one of our most beloved movies. Hey, at least it looks like everyone's having fun. [via Total Film]




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