Watch: The Monster 'King Kong' Musical That May Battle 'Spider-Man' for Its Broadway Theater

Watch: The Monster 'King Kong' Musical That May Battle 'Spider-Man' for Its Broadway Theater

Nov 29, 2012

King Kong Look out, Broadway – there’s another big-stage production based on a popular movie headed your way.

King Kong is set to follow in the footsteps of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark and make the jump from screen to stage, but is New York big enough to handle these two massive productions?

Spider-Man, a pricey $75 million production, opened to controversy and disastrous reviews last summer. It has since rebounded, becoming one of the top earners on Broadway, but it might soon have competition from the giant gorilla – both for box office receipts and theater space.

Kong, which has a budget in the $30 million range, and features a 20-foot tall title character, clearly needs a large and state-of-the-art production house – sort of like the Foxwoods Theater, which is currently home to everyone’s favorite webslinger. Could a showdown for the space be brewing? Maybe.

King Kong is set to launch in Australia next year, so it won’t be making a jump to the States until 2014 at the earliest. Spider-Man could still be running at that point, but year-over-year numbers have shown a drop in the late stages of 2012 – meaning perhaps the show is slowing down (to be fair, it still turns up in the top five Broadway shows most weeks and brings in a respectable $1.5 mil every seven days). If it’s not over by that point, we could see a Broadway battle of the behemoths on multiple fronts.

For their part, Kong’s creative team is downplaying the issue – stating that they’re prepping for the Australian debut and not thinking about Broadway yet. They do acknowledge that, given King Kong’s ties to NYC, the Broadway opening will be hugely important – but they’re not focusing on that currently. Here's a sneak peek at what the musical will look like when it debuts in Melbourne, Australia next year.

However it all plays out, it should be interesting to see how Kong fares in the land down under. The thought of having two blockbusters like Spider-Man and King Kong on Broadway at the same time seems like a win for theater fans. 

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