Fox Developing Animated King Kong Movie .. with Talking Kong?

Fox Developing Animated King Kong Movie .. with Talking Kong?

Jun 08, 2011

Someone over at Fox clearly has a love of primates. As has been widely reported, the studio is hard at work prepping Rise of the Planet of the Apes for its wide release this August. That’s not the only monkey business the studio has up their sleeve, though. Deadline New York is reporting that the company is also developing a new twist on a classic tale: King Kong.

Fox’s animation division has tapped Christian Magalhaes and Bob Snow to craft an animated take of much loved movie – the wrinkle here is that the new Kong will be presented from the gorilla’s point of view. Based on a story by Mike Weber (who will serve as a producer), this updated take on Kong’s plight sounds pretty interesting. Let’s face it – Kong in the films was never really a villain – so seeing the events through the giant gorilla’s eyes promises to bring a new perspective to a very familiar story, one that should appeal to a wide audience beyond just the typical kid movie crowd.

No word yet on when this updated version of King Kong will go into production or who might direct or voice characters, but we’re intrigued by the idea. Peter Jackson’s updating of the Kong story cleaned up at the box office (taking in over half a billion dollars globally), so it seems the tragic tale of the giant ape still resonates with audiences. What do you guys say? Would you pony up the cash to see an animated update of King Kong or are the execs at Fox bananas?

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