Killer Bod: Jennifer’s Body Comes Home Before Year’s End

Killer Bod: Jennifer’s Body Comes Home Before Year’s End

Nov 02, 2009

What went wrong with Jennifer’s Body? Certainly nothing's flawed about the titular figure in question owned by habitual hot-list topper Megan Fox. The horror comedy about a possessed cheerleader who starts eating her classmates was written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody and co-stars Amanda Seyfried as Fox’s BFF. The two actresses even share a heated kiss that should have pulled every red-blooded male teenager into the theaters, right? Wrong. The movie tanked at the box office and proved three things: guys might want Megan Fox’s body but not necessarily without giant robots, Diablo Cody could be a one-trick pony, and horror and comedy is still an uneasy mixture that is tough to pull off unless your name is Sam Raimi. Jennifer’s Body might get more of a workout at home when Fox releases the DVD and Blu-ray on December 29. Although the film was released in theaters with an R rating, the two-disc sets will include an unrated cut, although guys shouldn’t hold their collective breath for an unobstructed glimpse of Jennifer’s body. Instead, you can expect the camera to linger more on the gore on select scenes. You can also count on commentaries and interviews with Cody and director Karyn Kusama, but don’t count on them working together on a body of sequels to this wannabe cult classic.

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