'Kill List,' One of the Best Films of 2011, Gets Its First Full Trailer

'Kill List,' One of the Best Films of 2011, Gets Its First Full Trailer

Jul 20, 2011

Kill List

I've been dreading this moment since being blown away by Ben Wheatley's Kill List after it world premiered this past March at SXSW.  I walked out of that theater fully convinced that I'd just see one of the best films of 2011, but I was also fully aware that one of the reasons Mr. Wheatley's little thriller gave my brain a double tap was because I had no idea what it was even about.  All I knew was that it was about a hitman.

I've been dreading this moment not because the movie is some Shyamalan-esque thriller filled with plot twists, but because I just don't know how you cut together a trailer for a movie that works precisely because it's unapologetic, both in its story and its storytelling.  This is not your average hitman movie.  Mr. Wheatley has no interest in making concessions to his goal in order to fit the normal British thriller mold.  All he wants to do is lure you deeper and deeper into the world of a man who is an agent of death, and he does so flawlessly.

And it's a good thing I don't cut together trailers for a living, because I would have just curled up in a ball at the prospect of trying to tease this movie without giving too much away.  So kudos to whoever put this together, you've got great instincts.

Note: This is the British trailer.  IFC has the US rights to Kill List, though they haven't announced a release date yet.

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