Kickstarters: Trailers from Hell Needs Your Help, Plus a Bonus for Genre Fans

Kickstarters: Trailers from Hell Needs Your Help, Plus a Bonus for Genre Fans

Jun 25, 2012

We've sung the praises of the cult film and cinema savvy aficionados behind Trailers from Hell before, and we're here to do it again — but this time the veteran movie gurus need your help. In case you haven't heard of this fantastic website yet, here's the quick version. Over 40 film professionals ranging from directors to craftspeople (past participants have included Guillermo del Toro, Eli Roth, and Edgar Wright) choose a movie trailer (from a number of genres), analyze it, and discuss for your viewing pleasure. It's insightful, fun, and if you like movies, it's necessary viewing.

It costs a good chunk of change to create the gang's video series, and Trailers from Hell is dreaming big. They'd like to make 1000 episodes — available across multiple digital platforms — and they need your support so they can continue to prepare, shoot, edit, create original art, cover the web expenses, and help market and promote. 

Take a moment to check out Trailers from Hell's prize package on their Kickstarter page, which is pretty great. Vintage goodies, DVDs, and more are available for affordable pledges so we hope you'll take the time to donate and keep this entertaining and awesomely geeky movie resource alive. Also, the whole project is led by Gremlins and The Howling director Joe Dante, which means the Kickstarter campaign turns from a Mogwai news reporter into a werewolf-gremlin if you don't donate by July 19.

Described as a "Dante-inspired voodoo pinball extravaganza," Spinferno is the kind of iOS game you've been looking for — " …driven by artistic desire, playability [and] not a licensed cash-grab or rip-off just to help some massive conglomerate steal the soul and mental equity of better creators." More importantly, cult film fans and horror hounds (with a wicked sense of humor) will be happy to swim in the "gooey bowels of the underworld," where you can choose your victim and send them straight to hell. The revenge-happy game comes from the creative minds behind Austin's award-winning mobile app company Rocksauce Studios, and it's with full disclosure that we let you know our own John Gholson is one of the folks behind the project. It may please you to know that most of the people who crafted Spinferno are giant movie nerds (Rocksauce's founder is a director), which means they understand what fans of fictitious gore want to see. Illustrations from SCABFARM artist Bernard Gumz — who was also involved with MTV's relaunch of Liquid Television — makes it all look pretty. Check out the project's Kickstarter page, and help bring Spinferno to life.

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