Watch: Why the Ending of 'Kick-Ass' Was Changed (Exclusive)

Watch: Why the Ending of 'Kick-Ass' Was Changed (Exclusive)

Aug 15, 2013

We're constantly jonesing for more info on our favorite movies, which is why we completely fell for YEAH! when it launched earlier this year. Essentially YEAH! acquires specific fan-friendly movies and then completely devours every square inch of the production, eventually spitting out a version of the film that adds all sorts of nerdy, addictive behind-the-scenes details. It's a great online rental service for movies you've seen and loved and want to know more about, and we honestly can't recommend it more.

With Kick-Ass 2 arriving in theaters this weekend, YEAH! went and snagged the first Kick-Ass for its library. Its version of the film is stuffed with lots of juicy nuggets, like why director Matthew Vaughn had to bring his cast back six months after production wrapped in order to shoot a new ending for the film. 

Courtesy of YEAH! comes this exclusive clip from the ending of Kick-Ass that not only reveals the original ending for the movie, but also why it had to be changed. 

Warning: This clip spoils the ending of Kick-Ass, for those who haven't seen it.

To watch the entire film on YEAH! hit 'em up right here.

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