Watch: 'Key & Peele' Send Up Hollywood Action Movies in 'L.A. Vice'

Watch: 'Key & Peele' Send Up Hollywood Action Movies in 'L.A. Vice'

Oct 23, 2013

Key & Peele is the kind of show that's just absolutely hysterical and no doubt has its fans, and yet it still can't seem to shake this notion that it's the funniest show on TV that no one is watching. No one ever seems to actually talk about the show as it airs, but instead send around its various sketches whenever they hit online individually, making for an interesting and unique type of succes.

But we're not here to talk about the increasingly blurry lines between traditional TV distribution and web distribution. We're here because Key & Peele is hilarious.

Exhibit A: L.A. Vice. It starts as a funny send-up of Miami Vice, but then it breaks out with a bit of a twist on action stars and how they always cause more damage than they prevent.

We're betting we're not the only ones who would watch an entire action movie made by these guys. But we also wouldn't mind their take on a horror movie.

Or a musical:



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