Kevin Smith's 'Hit Somebody' to Be One Big Film Instead of Two; Plan is to Premiere at Sundance 2013

Kevin Smith's 'Hit Somebody' to Be One Big Film Instead of Two; Plan is to Premiere at Sundance 2013

Jan 05, 2012

Just a quick update on the feature-length film Kevin Smith has said will be his last, Hit Somebody. Smith's long-overdue love letter to the sport of hockey was originally going to be two movies, called Hit Somebody: Home and Hit Somebody: Away, though Smith took to Twitter earlier today to announce that it will now be "one big film" that he hopes to start shooting in June in order to premiere it at Sundance in 2013, "minus Phelps," he says, adding "back to 1 big movie with Hit Somebody. I prefer it. Makes more sense, anyway: the movie's about taking one, good shot."

The film, which will track one aspiring hockey player's journey from a nobody to a somebody, is set to star the Red State boys, Nicholas Braun, Kyle Gallner and Michael Angarano, with others possibly joining like John Goodman, Melissa Leo and Colin Hanks. Plus, considering this will most likely be Smith's last film, we wouldn't rule out cameos from anyone who's ever starred in one of his movies (we're looking at you Ben Affleck and Matt Damon).

Other than that, we'll wait and see. What does one big movie mean? Could it wind up being three hours long or more? And if so, will there be an intermission where the entire theater gets to go outside and watch a little hockey? Smith likes to turn his screenings into events (see: the Sundance premiere of Red State with the protesting outside and the so-called auctioning off of the film's distribution rights inside), so we'll be expecting something to happen. Heck, maybe we'll all get to hit somebody -- that'd be pretty fun.

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