Kevin Smith Is Busy in His Retirement; Now Has Three Films in Development

Kevin Smith Is Busy in His Retirement; Now Has Three Films in Development

Feb 07, 2014

Kevin SmithIf you were counting down the days until Kevin Smith started shooting on Clerks III, you’re going to need to reset your timer. The divisive filmmaker – who was set to retire, but now has three new projects in the works – has adjusted his schedule and Dante and Randal’s latest adventure has gotten pushed back.

What’s got Smith so worked up that he needs to flip things around? His horror-anthology film Comes the Krampus.

Smith unveiled plans to make the holiday horror film a few weeks back, and now appears totally smitten with the idea. He revealed his rationale for bumping it ahead of Clerks III in a Reddit Ask Me Anything event.

“Now, at this point in time, nobody but me can make a Clerks film. But ANYONE can make a Krampus picture. So before anyone else does, I figured it’s time to keep moving forward: we’re gonna shoot Comes the Krampus in April, before Clerks III.”

There is a certain logic to that. With Smith announcing plans to make what is essentially his version of George Romero’s Creepshow – focused on a holiday legend – it could inspire lesser directors to try and beat him to the punch. Clerks III can conceivably happen at any time.

For whatever reason, Smith has really taken a shine to horror. The director first dipped his toe into the genre with Red State, and is currently hard at work wrapping up the totally bizarre sounding Tusk. Comes the Krampus – which will feature work from several different filmmakers – completes his unholy trinity. Of the three, Krampus sounds like it has the potential to be the most interesting.

Clerks III fans shouldn’t fret – Smith isn’t abandoning iconic characters Dante and Randal for long. The director revealed that he has every intention of making the third film in his mini-mart franchise as soon as Krampus is in the can.

Clerks III is still coming. I love the script so much, I’ll make it happen, I promise. But the muse (and the Mewes) is pulling me away from something old for the moment and pulling me toward something new. And when the muse whispers, I listen. When the Mewes whispers, it’s just kinda creepy. And he spells shit wrong – even though he’s just whispering and not writing.”

Get more of Smith’s wit and wisdom by checking out his full thread over at Reddit. Before you do that, let us know what you think – are you bummed Clerks III has been pushed back? What do you make of Smith’s newfound desire to make fright flicks?

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