Kevin Smith Sends Justin Long on a Horrible, Crazy Canadian Trip in First 'Tusk' Trailer

Kevin Smith Sends Justin Long on a Horrible, Crazy Canadian Trip in First 'Tusk' Trailer

Jul 26, 2014


Kevin Smith first ventured into thriller territory with Red State in 2011, a movie that played around with a horror premise before revealing itself as a bleak and angry political-social drama. Smith then focused his creative efforts on podcasting, but never lost his love for movies.

So when the idea for Tusk, a new thriller, blossomed on one of his podcasts, he followed up on it with great enthusiasm. Justin Long stars as a goofy podcaster who travels to "interview weird or interesting people." When the trail leads to Canada, he meets Michael Parks, a man with decades of fascinating, seafaring experiences. One meal and a tainted cup of tea later, and Long finds himself a prisoner held in Parks' home for what promises to be "a truly transformative" experience.


Tusk definitely feels different from Smith's past films. The humor is still there, but it looks as though he's more committed to the horror premise. Smith visited Comic-Con last night and revealed that the film is the first in an intended series, "The True North Trilogy." According to Dark Horizons, "The films will be Canadian set tales inspired by 'strange but true' tales from podcast episodes and will feature many of the same actors seen in Tusk."

Smith says that the PG-13 rated Yoga Hosers will be next, following two 15-year-old girls with superpowers. The unofficial trilogy would conclude with Moose Jaws, which he described as "Jaws, with a moose." The filmmaker's plans have been very fluid of late, so we'll have to wait and see how things develop, but whatever fires his imagination in creative new directions sounds good to us.

Tusk, which also stars Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez, will hit theaters on September 19. You can watch the trailer below -- if you dare!




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