Kevin Smith Would Rather Put Up His House Than Use Kickstarter for 'Clerks III'

Kevin Smith Would Rather Put Up His House Than Use Kickstarter for 'Clerks III'

Jun 05, 2013

With a massive homegrown fan base and over two million followers on Twitter, you'd think Clerks III might be a perfect project for someone like Kevin Smith to fund through Kickstarter in order to make the movie on his terms. But then you remember that Smith maxed out credit cards to make Clerks and considers himself very much to be a self-made man, and so to see him asking his fans to fund his movies just wouldn't make sense.

And according to Smith himself, you're damn right that wouldn't make sense.

Smith is quickly inching toward the start of production on Clerks III, and in a new interview with USA Today he talks about why he'd never consider Kickstarter for one of his projects, despite having a fan base that would in all likelihood help fund anything he'd want to make.

"I understand why Zach Braff and Rob Thomas wanted to do it, but I think I missed the boat on that. I had my moment. I went through the traditional route of old, where Miramax picked up my flick and introduced me to another world. That's my story. I can't, like, have this second story where I'm like, 'And then, years later I started asking other people for money!"'

"I'm all for it and understand crowd-sourced financing very well. The audience that's going to buy this stuff anyway is just there at the origin point. But that being said, when I need the audience's money is when (the movie) comes out in theaters. If you're making a movie where it's like, 'Thor's going to punch The Hulk!' people will line up to throw money at you. But if your movie's like, 'This guy's gonna talk to this guy about Thor punching the Hulk!' you're not going to get as many people lining up.

"There's a bunch of cats like me looking to make their first film. You jump in there and soak up all that money as the big fish in that small pond, that's money that's not going to go to somebody who really needs it.
"When I started, that would've been the time (to use Kickstarter). But now I know people with money, I've got access to money. And worst-case scenario, I can just put up my house."
Even Kevin Smith haters will respect his opinion here, and we admire that at this stage in his career the dude is still willing to put up his own house in order to make a movie. Regarding that movie, Smith said he's finished with a third draft (120 pages) that he'll be sending to Bob Weinstein along with a cast list, production schedule and budgets. Should the Weinsteins pass on it, he'll figure out some other way to fund it that doesn't involve his fans.
Wisely, Smith would rather have them save their funds for a movie ticket.



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