Kevin Smith Says His Final Film Is 'Clerks III'

Kevin Smith Says His Final Film Is 'Clerks III'

Dec 07, 2012

It's fitting that Kevin Smith should end his career as a filmmaker exactly where he started, with another Clerks sequel. While Smith had long said he'd be using the hockey movie Hit Somebody as his final movie, things have changed recently. For starters, Hit Somebody was supposed to be two films, and then turned into one film when it became apparent that two movies would be hard to pull off financially. Then, when Smith realized he didn't want to cut that much out of a project he'd been working on for a very long time, plans were set in motion for Hit Somebody to become a TV miniseries (potentially for AMC, where his comic-shop show is set up), and we expect more announcements on that front soon.

So, with Hit Somebody moving to television, that left an open slot for Smith's final big-screen adventure, and, not surprisingly, he chose to check back in on Dante and Randal to see how life in their 40s was treating them. He made the announcement a short time ago via Twitter, admitting the one final obstacle to get past before Clerks III becomes a reality.


One imagines he'll be able to get Anderson to sign on, and then we'll see a final Clerks installment, allowing Smith to once again play around with characters he knows all too well. Considering Clerks II was about finding that true love and figuring out when (and how) to settle down, we envision Clerks III will feature a nice dose of married-with-kids humor, as Smith examines the life of a pop-culture nerd after he turns 40. We picture a much filthier and more immature version of This Is 40, with some of Smith's own experiences as a married dad worked in there.

Follow Smith on Twitter for future updates. Are you somewhat excited for a Clerks III? Curious to see how the story of Dante and Randal finally ends? 

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