Kevin Smith Offers a Job (and Money) to Geek with the Best 'Batman vs. Darth Vader' Animation

Kevin Smith Offers a Job (and Money) to Geek with the Best 'Batman vs. Darth Vader' Animation

Mar 07, 2012

Critics love to bash on Kevin Smith, but at the end of the day we've always admired the way he's built his media empire, harnessing the powers of the fanbase like no one else has. At the end of the day this is just one guy with nerdy ideas and a potty mouth, and it's impressive to see how far he's come with his SMod network. Part of that network includes the SModCo Cartoon Show, as well as an upcoming animated feature, Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, and it appears as if Smith wants to kill two birds with one stone: Finding some new hires by asking his fans to send in the animated short of his dreams featuring two classic characters fighting each other.

Yup, Smith wants you to create an animation between 1 and 2 minutes that shows Batman fighting Darth Vader. His favorite entry gets $500 and a job working for SModCo (if they want the job), with his next two favorites winning $200 and $100 respectively. The deadline is March 16th, and he'll announce his picks while live-Tweeting the season finale of his AMC show Comic Book Men.

From his website:

When the Dark Knight fights The Dark Side, you call the shots!

- You decide whether it’s in color or black & white!
- You decide whether a Batarang can beat a Light Saber!
- You decide if Batman needs guest stars to give him the edge!
- You decide if Boba Fett should get involved!
- You decide how bloody it gets!
- You decide who wins!
- You decide if they’re wearing pants or not!

So if you feel you've got the touch, have at it. We look forward to watching the results.

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