Kendrick Lamar Is Producing a Special 'Black Panther' Soundtrack Album

Kendrick Lamar Is Producing a Special 'Black Panther' Soundtrack Album

Jan 04, 2018

Unlike most movie franchises, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn't been consistent with its soundtracks. As many different filmmakers have directed installments of the superhero series, they've brought their own preferred composers. In addition to the varied scores of the MCU, individual characters and teams have also had distinct movie soundtracks, from Iron Man's use of AC/DC to the Guardians of the Galaxy's super sounds of the '70s and '80s. Now Black Panther is getting his own specific music. 

Disney reports rapper Kendrick Lamar is producing Black Panther: The Album with Anthony 'Top Dawg' Tiffith. This is not exactly a soundtrack for the upcoming Black Panther but will feature songs featured on screen and others inspired by the movie. Lamar's own track "All the Stars," a collaboration with the R&B singer SZA (heard below), will be among the compiled tunes. Working closely with director Ryan Coogler, Lamar will for the first time ever be writing, producing, performing and curating original material for a movie.

This isn't Marvel's first tie-in album of music "from and inspired by" one of its movies. In addition to the AC/DC collection for Iron Man 2, some tracks of which aren't in the sequel, there's Iron Man 3's Heroes Fall album and The Avengers' Avengers Assembled, each comprised mostly of songs not featured in their respective movies. However, those efforts were mainly compilations of pre-existing music. Black Panther: The Album will feature multiple original recordings created specifically for Black Panther.

Ever since the first teaser for the movie arrived, set to Run the Jewels' "Legend Has It," fans and critics have celebrated how Marvel is doing the property justice with sounds unique to Black Panther, unlike the music of past MCU installments. The full trailer followed suit with its use of Vince Staples' "Bagbak" mixed with the classic Gil Scott Heron track "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." For the actual score for the movie, Coogler regular Ludwig Göransson is composing music featuring African musicians and influence. 

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16.

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