'Transformers 4' Casts Its Human Bad Guy

'Transformers 4' Casts Its Human Bad Guy

May 01, 2013

Transformers 4 may be wiping the slate clean as far as the cast is concerned (sorry, Shia LaBeouf fans), but that doesn't mean Michael Bay and friends are going to abandon the series' winning (at least as far as box office is concerned) formula. Each film has to have a human bad guy who throws a wrench into the plans of the human good guys*, because apparently giant robots aren't menacing enough on their own. And now we know who that person will be in part four: Kelsey Grammer.

According to Deadline, the TV star changed agencies recently in the hope that he could score higher profile work on the big screen, and this certainly counts. He'll be playing "a counterintelligence guy," though there is zero explanation as to how that makes him the film's villain. We do know that Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci are already in the movie, though, so presumably at least one of them is going to have to throw down with him at some point.

It's intriguing casting since Grammer really hasn't gotten to run with a role this prominent on the big screen -- he played the bad guy in Toy Story 2, but that was in voice only. He's a fine actor, though, so hopefully he can elevate the material. We're guessing he'll need to considering Ehren Kruger is returning to the keyboard to write this one. But what say you? Do you want to see Dr. Fraiser Crane in a big special effects movie? Or was seeing him as Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand enough for you? Or do you just not even care about a Transformers 4?


*Technically Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen didn't have a human villain, but it did have a Decepticon that shape-shifted into a hot chick who tried to kill Shia LaBeouf, which is basically the same thing.



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