Update: Robots, Guns, Dubstep and Seriously Impressive VFX Are Why 'Keloid' Is Heading to Hollywood

Update: Robots, Guns, Dubstep and Seriously Impressive VFX Are Why 'Keloid' Is Heading to Hollywood

Oct 03, 2013


Update 10/3/13: The full Keloid short is now online and it's just as kick-ass as the trailer below teased. In fact, it's so kick-ass that super producer Roy Lee has already gotten behind it for a much bigger adaptation, though director J.J. Palomo is keeping the feature's expanded story on the lowdown for now. Check out the short and remember, this is entirely CGI. Not just the robots-- everything is CGI.

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Every couple months we find a reason to be impressed by the things filmmakers are able to do these days without access to the vast resources normal Hollywood productions have at their disposal. Today is one of those days. 

Keloid is a short film from Big Lazy Robot VFX, a Russian VFX house whose work on Carl Rinsch's The Gift made some waves not long ago, featuring A-game visuals that look like they belong in a trailer for a live-action Metal Gear Solid movie. Unfortunately, what you see above is just a trailer for the short, but we have a feeling if you like robots, dubstep (the exact track is Amon Tobin's remix of Nosia's "Machine Gun") and a struggle between mankind and A.I., you're going to be hitting play on this thing quite a few times.

Oh, and if you think those awesome robot VFX, which io9 points out were designed by Aaron Beck, are impressive, you may also like to know that the entire short is CGI. That's right, there's not a single real thing in there.

And in case you haven't seen BLR's work before, here's The Gift:




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