Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill & Ted 3' Still in the Works, Jokes About the Guys Saving Cinema

Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill & Ted 3' Still in the Works, Jokes About the Guys Saving Cinema

Aug 07, 2012

The last update we got on Bill & Ted 3 was in March, when both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter confirmed that there's a finished script, which they both love, and now they're just waiting for a greenlight to go ahead with production. Has anything changed in the past five months? Not quite. I talked with Reeves this afternoon about his new documentary Side by Side (see my write-up from earlier), and I managed to squeeze out a comment about the anticipated follow-up to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

Basically, he could only tell us what we already know, but I did sense a bit of skepticism in his voice about it actually happening. Hopefully my interpretation in his tone is wrong, though, because I'd actually love to see another excellent journey or bogus journey or whatever they have in store for the next outing. And if what they've got doesn't fly, perhaps he'll use the more serious ideas we mention.

Our short conversation on this subject can be read below. You can look for the complete interview closer to the release of Side by Side Can you tell me anything about the status of Bill & Ted 3?

Keanu Reeves: Yeah, we're trying to get it made. Yeah, we'll see. Well, now that you're being called the historian of digital cinema thanks to Side by Side, here's an idea: in the future film no longer exists and digital storage has completely failed and you guys have to go back and save it. 

Reeves: Awesome. Now we just get to exist. Just make it about the death of cinema. You know, because the first movie was about music.

Reeves: Now it's movies. Then follow us, the next one's about food. That's actually a very important topic right now, the future of food, so that'd be an interesting way to go, too.

Reeves: It is actually. I don't disagree.


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