Watch: Ralph Macchio's 'Karate Kid' Screen Test, a Hilarious Take on 'Back to the Future,' and Cats Gone Wild

Watch: Ralph Macchio's 'Karate Kid' Screen Test, a Hilarious Take on 'Back to the Future,' and Cats Gone Wild

Sep 12, 2012

Welcome to Morning Watch, our daily roundup of funny/interesting/bizarre/creative/informative videos for you to start your day with.

The other day Kate Winslet's Titanic screen test made the rounds, which prompted Flavorwire to collect some of their favorite actor and actress screen tests lying around online. The one we liked most was this one, featuring Ralph Macchio (and Pat Morita) testing for The Karate Kid. What's most enjoyable here is watching Macchio learn about the story and his character's motivations for the first time. Even if he's already read the script, you can tell he's still processing it, becoming excited when it all comes together for him as he compares the story to Rocky. The video is intercut with Morita's screen test, making it look as if the two are working off one another, which they aren't.

Fantastic Fest begins a week from tomorrow in Austin, Texas, and this year our favorite genre festival has tasked fans and filmmakers with creating bumpers to play before each film. Every year they hold a contest for new bumpers, and this year's theme is time travel, what with Looper playing the fest and all. Badass Digest has collected some of the bumpers submitted so far, and while nothing has been chosen yet, our personal favorite is this one, titled Back to the Future as Explained by Shaneka Jones. I mean, the production values alone are just...

Finally, for those of you who are sick of the Internet's obsession with cutesy cat videos, here's one that takes a different approach. This milk commercial created by the U.K. milk company Cravendale shows us what would happen if cats took over our milk supply by catnapping the milkman. [Design Taxi]

If this looks familiar, Cravendale are also behind the very funny (and very viral) hit Cats with Thumbs, which you can watch below.

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