Kal Penn Robbed, Cage's Pyramid Tomb and James Bond Delayed

Kal Penn Robbed, Cage's Pyramid Tomb and James Bond Delayed

Apr 21, 2010

Kal Penn Robbed at Gunpoint It’s like a plot point straight out of a Harold and Kumar film: On 4/20, the unofficial international day of pot-smoking, actor Kal Penn (aka Kumar) was held up and robbed at gunpoint in Washington D.C. Penn is doing fine, though the perp made off with Penn’s wallet and his two cell phones – one of which belonged to the U.S. government (Penn is still working as a member of Barack Obama’s White House staff). Thus, the secret service is now investigating the whole thing, and the hammer could come down hard on the guy who’s caught with Penn’s belongings. Yeah, he definitely picked the wrong pretend pothead to mess with on 4/20.

Steven Seagal’s Sex Problems Continue Amid claims that he made unwanted advances toward several women who worked for him comes more proof that Steven Seagal really is a creepy slimeball. Moveline dug up an old interview with Jenny McCarthy where the sometimes-actress claimed Seagal ordered her to take off her dress during an audition for Under Siege 2. McCarthy, of course, didn’t do it; instead, she simply instructed Seagal to go watch her Playboy video (ie: she only takes off her clothes for people who pay her to).

Nicolas Cage’s Death Pyramid In case you’re among the 1% of citizens who still doesn’t think Nicolas Cage is operating with a few screws loose, here’s a bit more proof. Apparently the actor – who’s currently selling off his pricey homes to make up for a large debt – shelled out a pretty penny for this super-tomb shaped like a pyramid. And, yes, this is where Cage’s body will be laid to rest ... inside this weird, random white pyramid. Because … why the hell not? He needs something that will preserve all those awesome hairstyles, right?

Michael Douglas’ Son Sentenced to Five Years in Prison Plagued by years of drug abuse and caught up in a massive drug dealing operation, Michael Douglas’ son Cameron was finally sentenced to five years in prison. The little Douglas had flirted with acting roles over the years (even appearing opposite his father and grandfather in It Runs in the Family), but he just couldn’t get his act together. Papa Douglas was among those in a New York courtroom when the sentence was handed down. Said sentence also includes 450 hours of community service and a really mean stare-down from his famous father.

Heather Locklear Arrested for Hit-and-Run In what had to be an embarrassing “gotcha” moment, actress Heather Locklear was arrested for a hit-and-run after police were able to match the damage to her vehicle to the damage at the scene of the crime. Luckily no one was hurt, except for the “no parking” sign she rammed into before fleeing the scene. Charged with a misdemeanor, Locklear was cited and released. “No parking” signs across the country have joined together to appeal the ruling.

James Bond Delayed Due to MGM’s Financial Woes With MGM still struggling to pay, well, anyone, producers behind the James Bond franchise were forced to delay the 23rd installment indefinitely, or until someone else coughs up enough money to buy MGM and put them out of their misery. So far there aren’t any takers (hey, I’ve got some old clothes and a few nickels I’d be willing to part with – anyone?), which means Daniel Craig’s rock-solid set of six-pack abs won’t be on display for us to gawk at anytime soon.

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