Watch: Proof Justin Timberlake Is the Greatest Talk Show Guest Ever

Watch: Proof Justin Timberlake Is the Greatest Talk Show Guest Ever

Mar 25, 2013

A sense of humor is said to be one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. That's why someone like Justin Timberlake makes the rest of us look like chumps. The dude is good-looking, charming, insanely talented and incredibly funny, all evidenced by this clip of Timberlake on the Jonathan Ross Show. The musician/actor/tequila enthusiast went on it to promote his latest album, but in the process he reminded us that British talk shows are way, way better than their American counterparts by taking five shots of tequila, playing a round of miniature golf onstage, and doing the worst Michael Caine impersonation you've ever heard. [via Warming Glow]

The Michael Caine bit doesn't kick in until around the 3:40 mark, when Timberlake tries to mock Ross (husband of X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past screenwriter Jane Goldman) with a terrible British accent. From there he reveals that his secret weapon on-screen is remembering Caine's acting tips, even though it makes him look like a weirdo.

The entire video is well worth watching, though. If you weren't already a fan of Timberlake's, you probably will be after this video.

But wait, there's more! Just so we don't convince ourselves that everything Timberlake touches is gold, here's a funny video that shows every time the world "time" is used in the actor's super-dull sci-fi thriller In Time.

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