Justin Timberlake Caught in Cheating Scandal

Justin Timberlake Caught in Cheating Scandal

Oct 27, 2010

We hear they're voting to officially dub October "I'm Leaving Yo' Ass Month" next week, but in the meantime we appear to have two more names to add to the ever-growing list of celebrity break-ups of late: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

These two kids have been rumored to be on and off for awhile, though every time they were rumored to being off, you'd see pictures of them making out in sweat pants after a 5-mile run. But today US Weekly broke a bombshell -- that Timberlake cheated on Biel with G4 geek and up-and-coming actress Olivia Munn.

Not only that, but he convinced Munn to have (and we quote) "amazing sex" with him by saying he wasn't with Biel anymore, though the mag claims that was a lie and he was doing it behind her back ... a position Ms. Munn now knows all too well, I'm sure.

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