'Fast Five' Director May Tackle the L.A. Riots Next

'Fast Five' Director May Tackle the L.A. Riots Next

Aug 08, 2012


Construction worker Rodney King became well known after Los Angeles police officers beat him during a traffic stop in 1991. This was before everyone was armed with an iPhone and Instagramming their everyday lives, so it was somewhat remarkable that a nearby witness caught the whole thing on video. After the officers were acquitted, the L.A. Riots ensued, killing 53 people and injuring over 2,000. If you remember watching it on television, it was mortifying. Now, Vulture is reporting that Fast Five director Justin Lin is negotiating a deal with Universal Pictures to direct a film about King and the riots called L.A. Riots.
If you've heard about the movie before, that's because the project was circulating with Spike Lee and a script from Red Tails writer John Ridley, but there's no indication if that screenplay will be part of the new deal. A talent agent told the website, "They didn’t want to make this movie for $35 million with Spike [Lee] four years ago, and with the way the business has changed, I can’t imagine they’re going to spend even $20 million to make it now.” It's certainly a massive undertaking to re-create the sprawling chaos, which required assistance from the California Army National Guard and Marines.
King drowned to death a few months ago, and with the Trayvon Martin murder still fresh in everyone's mind, the news of the project is timely. We're not sure how soon it'll manage to get underway if budget has been already been a roadblock with the studio, but let us know what you think about it below.

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