Justin Bieber to Host New Version of MTV’s Punk’d

Justin Bieber to Host New Version of MTV’s Punk’d

Oct 06, 2010

The only reason Ashton Kutcher still has a little bit of “cool kid cred” attached to his name was because he was the dude who first introduced us to the show Punk’d, which was a celebrity-centric prank show that began on MTV and was very successful for a few seasons until pretty much everyone in Hollywood stayed away from Kutcher afraid of what he’d do to make them look foolish.

The good news for fans of Punk’d is that MTV wants to resurrect it. The bad news is we’re the ones being punk’d this time since Justin Bieber is in final talks to host a new version of the show. Yes, Justin Bieber. The kid you'd most likely beat up if given a free pass to assault someone under the age of 18.

So not only did celebrities feel like suckers when Ashton Kutcher came running out yelling “You’ve been Punk’d!”, but now, instead, celebs will come face to face with little Justin Bieber and his wiseass grin.

We give it three episodes before someone knocks The Biebs out cold.

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