Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart Switch Bodies

Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart Switch Bodies

Feb 04, 2011

  • The Justin Bieber promo machine rolls on. With the pint-sized superstar's 3D bio-pic movie Never Say Never set to hit theaters next Friday, it seems the ubiquitous Biebs is popping up everywhere. Fresh off of being boo-ed at a New York Knicks basketball game, Bieber appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the gag being that he and Stewart had switched bodies. While Stewart pulls off his usual comedic genius, Bieber comes off as incredibly irritating, especially the hair bit. At least there's only a couple more weeks of this marketing blitz. Then we can all get ready for the next wacky Nic Cage movie, Drive Angry 3D. --Derrick Deane

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