'Justice League' Rumors Reveal Two New Heroes; Gordon-Levitt Eyes Marvel's 'Guardians'

'Justice League' Rumors Reveal Two New Heroes; Gordon-Levitt Eyes Marvel's 'Guardians'

Jan 02, 2013

We can’t think of any better way to kick off 2013 than with an update on DC’s long-in-development Justice League movie and Marvel's big 2014 space opera Guardians of the Galaxy, so here’s the latest on who might be donning their tights in the forthcoming superhero extravaganzas.

First up, Deadline tells us that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have already been offered the lead role as human astronaut Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, a role recently rumored to be circling guys like Joel Edgerton, Eddie Redmayne, Jim Sturgess and Zachary Levi. 

If correct, this definitely squashes rumors that Gordon-Levitt's character from The Dark Knight Rises will pop up in DC's big Justice League movie. For more on Guardians, read our complete guide to the Marvel property.

And speaking of that Justice League movie, Cosmic Book News brings us the latest rumors (everything about Justice League is a rumor at this point – from who’s involved in terms of characters to the Darkseid plot…), which highlight a lot of things we already expected while revealing two new characters that could be joining the mix.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be locked in for this outing. After all, you can’t really do a Justice League movie without those three characters. What we have learned is how these characters will allegedly be handled.

Superman, according to the rumors, will be the same basic character he is in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel. Snyder has apparently even been brought in to consult on how the character is written. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, will have only been in our world for a short period of time when the events of Justice League transpire – although it appears to be a busy few months for her, as the standalone Wonder Woman film will reportedly be set before this new feature.

Batman is the most interesting change. We’re not really sure how they intend to tie the Justice League Batman to Nolan and Bale’s interpretation of the character, but Cosmic Book News reports that this version of Batman will be wary of his fellow super-powered colleagues and focused on strategy. We like where that’s going. A wary Batman is good.

Green Lantern is set to be the same as he was in the Ryan Reynolds film, only “more serious,” and the Flash will be the coolest hero with the non-super-powered civilians, but “serious when called upon.”

That’s all well and good, but the biggest news here is the revelation of two new characters. According to the site's sources, the Justice League will also feature the talents of Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

Speculation is that Aquaman will play a key role in the film, which is sort of odd to us, but until we know more about the plot (and find out whether this is actually true), we’ll roll with it. Aquaman gets a bad rap (some of it justified), but maybe this film can present a cooler side to the character and help him crossover into the mainstream.

Martian Manhunter, meanwhile, is an alien who’s been hiding on Earth for years, and he has extensive knowledge of Darkseid’s plans.

Let that all sink in for a second – then consider that the rumors also indicate that Justice League will also feature cameos from Alfred and Lois Lane and “an extensive military presence.” DC’s pulling out all the stops with this film, it seems.

Again, we’re filing all of this under “rumors” until we hear something official from the comic company or Warner Bros., but it’s still exciting to read these updates and speculate on where things are headed. We expect many more rumors and changes before Justice League soars into theaters in 2015, but let us know what you think of these latest updates in the meantime.  

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