'Justice League' Claims a Release Date; See the Fun Trailer for the 'LEGO' Justice League Movie Now

'Justice League' Claims a Release Date; See the Fun Trailer for the 'LEGO' Justice League Movie Now

Oct 18, 2012

Warner Bros.' Justice League movie may not have a script yet, or a director, or very many stars, but it does have one important part of the puzzle: a release date!

Okay, so we'd much rather learn of any of those other details first, but the LA Times is reporting that the studio has pegged a time frame for its DC superhero equivalent of The Avengers. In fact, it'll be hot on the heels of The Avengers 2 (due May 1, 2015), as it has carved out a summer 2015 release for the hypothetical film. Reportedly the lack of progress on the development side was due to an ongoing lawsuit with the estate of Superman cocreator Joe Shuster, and had that not gone the studio's way, the movie would have been impossible to make. But, they won in court this week, and so now Justice League (as well as other movies utilizing Superman) is legally free to move forward.

And in further DC hero news, the trailer for the awkwardly titled LEGO Batman The Movie DC Superheroes Unite has hit online, and it actually looks like a lot of fun even if the title sounds like a string of AOL keywords. There's no big surprise there, either, as LEGO have done a consistently good job of turning its movie licenses into more than just an excuse to sell more toys. Its LEGO line of games all rock, and so we're sure that its own movie featuring the Justice League will be no different.

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