Warner Bros. and DC Strike Next: Here Comes That 'Justice League' Movie!

Warner Bros. and DC Strike Next: Here Comes That 'Justice League' Movie!

Jun 05, 2012

Above: A fan-made Justice League movie poster 

It was only a matter of time before Warner Bros. and DC Comics brought their long-in-development Justice League movie back from its early grave, and with The Avengers slowly climbing up the all-time box office charts with its eyes on the highest-grossing movie of all time, it was pretty much a no-brainer we'd see a Justice League movie sooner rather than later. Now here comes Variety telling us that Gangster Squad writer Will Beall has been hired to write a script, and he's a bit of a hot commodity right now having written scripts for the Logan's Run and Lethal Weapon remakes.

We all remember the previous Justice League film that almost was, with George Miller in the director's chair and a host of up-and-comers (many of whom have gone on to great things, like Armie Hammer, who was supposed to play Batman) playing the different DC superheroes. No word yet on which characters will be included, though we have to imagine Superman and Batman are givens, with Variety saying that Green Lantern writer Michael Goldenberg is writing a Wonder Woman movie while other Green Lantern writers Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are penning The Flash. Add Green Lantern himself (will it be Ryan Reynolds?) and we could have something here. Or, at least, the beginnings of something.

Will Warners duplicate Marvel's success by launching solo films prior to Justice League, or will they use the Justice League movie to set up additional solo films beyond Man of Steel, which hits next year? Lots to chew on as this one starts to heat up ...

Are you excited to see Justice League back on the agenda? What could Warners and DC learn from Marvel, and what could they do differently?

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