Predicting the 'Justice League' Director Shortlist: The Wachowskis, Guy Ritchie, Tim Burton and More

Predicting the 'Justice League' Director Shortlist: The Wachowskis, Guy Ritchie, Tim Burton and More

Aug 27, 2012

With both Christopher Nolan and Ben Affleck officially out of the running as director on the upcoming Justice League movie, some other names are beginning to emerge along with a fairly predictable pattern. Over the weekend Andy and Lana Wachowski became the latest names rumored for Justice League (via Moviehole), with reports claiming Warner Bros. is so high on Cloud Atlas that they've shortlisted the Matrix duo for JLA. There's no word on what would happen to Jupiter Ascending, the monster sci-fi film they're currently prepping with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, though perhaps the studio is looking to cut one of those "you do one for you, and then you do one for us" sorta deals. 

If the Wachowskis' don't take on Justice League, then it's pretty obvious Warner Bros. will move on to another director they've been working with as of late -- someone they have a nice relationship with who can deliver a successful superhero movie that can compete with Marvel's The Avengers. If we look through Warner Bros. past, present and future slate, these are the directors who are most likely on their Justice League shortlist.

Guy Ritchie 

Recent WB Movies: Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

Why Ritchie: Because he helped turn a stuffy British literary character who's been around for ages into an action star, successfully launching a new franchise for the studio -- one that brought audiences style, humor, a little romance and some clever set pieces. Sounds like the ingredients for a Justice League movie to us.

Steven Soderbergh

Recent WB Movies: Magic Mike, Contagion

Why Soderbergh: Because why not? He's one of the most versatile directors working today, capable of delivering a big, ensemble action-comedy (Ocean's movies) starring an all-star cast stocked with A-listers. He can also go small, too, and turn a film with practically no budget (Magic Mike) into one of the year's biggest success stories. 

Zack Snyder

Recent WB Movies: Sucker Punch, Man of Steel

Why Snyder: He's already working within the new DC structure at Warner Bros. as director of its upcoming Superman movie. Assuming they're liking what he's giving them, Snyder seems like a safe choice. Picking him prior to Man of Steel arriving in theaters would also show the studio has a tremendous amount of faith in Snyder and his new movie, which, in turn, would definitely raise fan excitement.

Tim Burton

Recent WB Movies: Dark Shadows

Why Burton: He's already directed two Batman movies, and his sensibilities lend themselves well to a comic adaptation. Plus he needs to change it up a bit and expand his horizons, and, heck, it may also be our only chance of seeing Johnny Depp as a superhero (Aquaman?). 

Martin Campbell

Recent WB Movies: Green Lantern

Why Campbell: He just directed a DC movie in Green Lantern, and while it wasn't as much of a success critically, that wasn't necessarily Campbell's fault. Here's a solid director who knows how to shoot an action movie with substance, and we're sure his ego would love another shot at tackling a superhero movie.

David Yates

Recent WB Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 and 2

Why Yates: He directed the last four Harry Potter movies, which were not only box office beasts, but also solid films that served their fanbase well. While wildly different from Justice League, the Potter movies still have a lot in common with the superhero team-up in that they both feature huge ensembles, lots of action and a very large fanbase who expect a lot in return. Yates is a director who'd handle the pressure well.

Of course we don't know for sure whether any of these directors are on the studio's shortlist for Justice League, but we bet all of them have come up in conversations at one point or another. If you were choosing, who would you like to see direct JLA?


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