'Jurassic World' Pitch Trailer: Here's What the Designer of Darth Maul Wants the New 'Jurassic Park' to Look Like

'Jurassic World' Pitch Trailer: Here's What the Designer of Darth Maul Wants the New 'Jurassic Park' to Look Like

Sep 11, 2013

Update: Pablo Hidalgo, who works in story development for Lucasfilm, is stating that the below clip was created for a video game that was also called Jurassic World, but that was separate from the new movie.


This is awesome. But, before we all get too excited, we need to be abundantly clear: this is not an official trailer for Jurassic World. If you expect to see this on the big screen in 2015, you're probably going to be disappointed. That's because this is a pitch trailer; meaning it was created by someone solely with the purpose of landing a job working on Jurassic World.

In this case it was created by Iain McCaig, the concept artist who designed Darth Maul for George Lucas. He showcased the video at a recent Star Wars convention in Germany, which is where this footage comes from, though the YouTube uploader does mention that McCaig told the crowd he'd shown it to Kathleen Kennedy (the new head of LucasFilm) and Steven Spielberg, and that "it certainly got Steven interested in dinosaurs again..."

And it's easy to see why. We've never seen anything quite like this in a Jurassic Park movie. And if you're going to make a new Jurassic Park movie, you better give fans something they've never seen before.

Please don't let the TV quality of the CGI ruin this for you. Jurassic World will clearly have a much, much, much bigger budget and visual effects team behind it. We just hope they can take all of those resources and make something as fun and fresh as McCaig made this all-too-brief sequence. And hopefully they officially bring him on board to help it all come together.

Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the find.



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