'Jurassic World 2' Lands an 'Impossible' Director

'Jurassic World 2' Lands an 'Impossible' Director

Apr 18, 2016

Jurassic World

When Colin Trevorrow was hired to direct Jurassic World, his biggest movie to date was a low-budget comedy about a guy trying to convince people he's a time traveler. It had no big set pieces. It had no crazy special effects in it. Basically, there's nothing in Safety Not Guaranteed that would naturally make you think, "Yes, this guy should make a movie with a huge budget, big set pieces and crazy special effects!" Obviously the decision to hire Trevorrow worked out for everyone involved - Jurassic World is one of the biggest movies ever - but it was certainly an odd hire at the time.

That's not the case with Jurassic World 2. Producer Frank Marshall has now officially confirmed that J.A. Bayona will be directing the sequel, and it's incredibly exciting news.

Bayona may not be a household name outside of film circles, but he's a remarkable director. His 2007 The Orphanage is one of the scariest horror movies of the last decade. It's weird and inventive and has some really memorable sequences even on a pretty confined scale (that night vision bit milks incredible tension). And while it wasn't the big hit it should have been, The Impossible has one of the absolute best special effects-driven scenes ever put together. The tsunami in that movie is a masterful piece that's awe inspiring and horrifying-- two words that certainly go hand-in-hand with Jurassic Park.

Bayona's next movie is this fall's A Monster Calls. Check out that trailer, as well as one for The Orphanage and a tiny part of that incredible tsunami in The Impossible, below.

Jurassic World 2 is expected to hit theaters on June 22, 2018.


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