Update: 'Jurassic World' Casts Another Kid Actor

Update: 'Jurassic World' Casts Another Kid Actor

Oct 15, 2013

Update 10/15/13: News is now hitting that Jurassic World has also cast young actor Nick Robinson (The Kings of Summer) as the older brother of Ty Simpkins, though it's still unclear how the two fit into whatever story is at play.

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The Jurassic Park series has a bit of a kid problem. Lex and Tim were perfect in the first film. They had their natural place in the story and never felt shoehorned in to make it a family adventure movie. The same can't be said of The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3, since both felt like their respective kid plots were sledgehammered in to make sure that demographic was covered. So it's not instantly inspiring news that the first person cast in what is being called a lead role in Jurassic World is a kid actor.

Thankfully the kid in question is Ty Simpkins, who is actually a notch above as far as kid actors go. You'll best recognize him as the young boy in Insidious haunted by a demon or as the snarky wannabe inventor who helps Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, though he also has a small role in the cool indie sci-fi film Extracted. How he fits in Jurassic World is unknown, but it's probably a safe assumption that he's the son of someone who finds themselves getting a little too close to some out-of-control dinosaurs.

As for who that someone may be, Deadline also reports that Jake Johnson may land that role. It wouldn't be surprising considering Johnson was in Safety Not Guaranteed, the film that landed director Colin Trevorrow the Jurassic World gig in the first place. And since then Johnson's star has been consistently on the rise thanks to the popularity of his Fox show New Girl and the fantastic relationship drama Drinking Buddies, so it's only a matter of time before he lands a big, high-profile film like this. So here's to hoping that works out, and to hoping that -- as much as we like Ty Simpkins -- the way Jurassic World uses kids is much, much closer to Steven Spielberg's first film than its sequels. More hiding and running and less plumbing gymnastics to kick velociprators, please.




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