Off Screen: The Makers of 'Aliens on Ice' Are Taking Their Unique Tribute to 'Jurassic Park' on a U.S. Tour

Off Screen: The Makers of 'Aliens on Ice' Are Taking Their Unique Tribute to 'Jurassic Park' on a U.S. Tour

Mar 08, 2012

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From the acting troupe that brought you the epic Aliens on Ice and stage versions of everything from Robocop and Back to the Future to Home Alone comes The Old Murder House Theatre's live-action dino show, Jurassic Farce. The talented team of cinephiles and thespians want to take their prehistoric show on the road for the first time ever and are asking for your help to make magic happen. 

So who are these guys? "We love movies, and we suffer from a deplorable excess of personality," the troupe admit on their Kickstarter page. "Murder House began as our effort to bring our favorite movies to life, and over the years has evolved into something magical and unique. We’re here to prove that awesome theatrical experiences haven’t gone extinct." With an eye toward '80s and 90's gems, the Murder House team has been delivering their unique brand of movie geek humor and stellar comedic timing to audiences through the sheer force of cardboard, duct tape, and a whole lot of heart. 
Funnyman players Sam Eidson, Josh Jones, Byron Brown, Kirk Johnson, Nathan Sakulich, and John Merriman are returning to their roots by restaging the first big-screen production-turned-performance they ever did, Spielberg's 1993 deluge of dinoriffic proportions, Jurassic Park. They want to bring the show to 12 U.S. cities and stage their adaptation in indie theaters, small theatrical spaces, and concert venues. Visit their Kickstarter page for more info, donate like crazy, and help these guys live their dream. Watch their hilarious pitch video below, explore the clips on their page for a closer look at their one-of-a-kind production, and visit our own Jacob Hall's review of Aliens on Ice — which he described as "truly joyful and transcendent."

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