Check Out This Awesome, Fan-Made 'Jurassic Park' Computer-System Re-creation

Check Out This Awesome, Fan-Made 'Jurassic Park' Computer-System Re-creation

Mar 04, 2014

Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry

There’s nothing too nerdy for us when it comes to movies – in fact, the more nerdy and obscure something movie related is, the more likely we are to love it. Take, for instance, this awesome time waster that pays homage to one of the lesser unforgettable scenes in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

Remember how things all went wrong in the film? Hacker Dennis Nedry decides he’s not above taking a payoff to steal Dinosaur DNA and get it off the island for a huge payday. To facilitate his thievery, Nedry hacks the security system and makes it so no one can override what he’s done. Samuel L. Jackson’s Ray Arnold gives it his best shot, but his efforts come up short. After three failures, he’s taunted by an image of Nedry’s head on an Elvis body repeatedly telling him he “didn’t say the magic word…”

Leave it to the Internet to re-create the entire computer interface of that scene just so you too can feel Arnold’s frustration. Heading over to Jurassic Systems will allow you to play around in an HTML5/Javascript re-creation of the computer systems in the film.

After watching a video of the scene from Jurassic Park, users will be free to enter their own commands into the interface. After three fails, you get to see Nedry firsthand. It’s a pretty neat way to kill a few minutes, plus there’s apparently at least one hidden command according to the creators. I couldn’t find it, but if you’ve got the time, maybe you can. Just resist the urge to punch your monitor after Nedry taunts you repeatedly for your failings.


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