'Captain America's Joe Johnston on 'Jurassic Park 4' and Possibly Directing a Boba Fett Movie

'Captain America's Joe Johnston on 'Jurassic Park 4' and Possibly Directing a Boba Fett Movie

Jul 18, 2011

With Captain America: the First Avenger arriving in theaters this week, the press are drilling director Joe Johnston on his upcoming projects. So we're getting some brief updates on the status of Jurassic Park 4 (see quotes below), and other surprising nuggets of info ... like, could there be a new live-action Star Wars movie in the works that spins off and focuses solely on Boba Fett?

Crazy, we know, but according to Johnston (via an interview with Screenrant), he's actually trying to convince George Lucas to make a new Boba Fett movie. Furthermore, he'd like to direct it. “I’m trying to get George to make a feature based on Boba Fett,” he told the site. And it makes sense, too, considering Johnston's roots date back to the original Star Wars trilogy, where he worked as a visual effects illustrator for George Lucas. In fact, Boba Fett is a character Johnston knows well, having worked on some of the final designs for the elusive bounty hunter.

Sure, the Boba Fett character isn't as mysterious and badass as he once was in the original trilogy, especially since we've been served a whole ton of Fett backstory in the prequels and in the Clone Wars cartoons, but they could still do some fun, single-adventure stuff for a live-action film, and not have to commit to using all the existing characters from the Star Wars universe. How fun would it be to get a Boba Fett movie that ends with the bounty hunter receiving instructions to go track down Han Solo?

While the Boba Fett movie may be just a pipedream right now (Lucas is very controlling over the property and hasn't let anyone else direct a live-action Star Wars film except for Return of the Jedi's Richard Marquand), Jurassic Park 4 is a film that's currently in development. Updating Screenrant on that project, Johnston said ...

"We are in discussions about ‘Jurassic Park 4.’ The most important thing I can tell you is that it starts a new trilogy that will go off in a different direction — a completely different direction that is very exciting, and different from anything we’ve seen. It starts with the history of the first trilogy, but it spins it off in a completely different direction. That’s all I can tell you."

Makes sense that they'd use part four to relaunch the franchise, especially since that's the route a lot of these older franchises are taking lately, which sort of follows the model that J.J. Abrams used (and was successful with) on Star Trek. Curious to know which direction they're heading in -- any ideas?

Which film would you rather see first: Jurassic Park 4 or a live-action Boba Fett spin-off?

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