Julianne Moore May Become 'Carrie's' Crazed Mother for Kimberly Peirce Remake

Julianne Moore May Become 'Carrie's' Crazed Mother for Kimberly Peirce Remake

Apr 17, 2012

Just one week after the Off-Broadway revival of Carrie closed (can someone please ban the theater world from attempting this again?) comes news about the film remake of the Stephen King novel and 1976 Brian De Palma film. We've reported previously that Boys Don't Cry filmmaker Kimberly Peirce will direct the Carrie reboot, starring Dark Shadows' Chloe Moretz in the lead role of the awkward teen who lashes out at her high school bullies using strange telekinetic powers. We've been promised a faithful retelling that will align more closely with the novel — something more "grounded." While that's all fine and dandy, the questions hanging over everyone's head were really about casting — since De Palma's version of the horror tale made the role of Carrie and her lunatic, religious mother iconic — and the ability to pull off a story that has been a failure on so many remake fronts that we've lost count.
Bloody Disgusting shared the exclusive word that Hannibal star Julianne Moore is chatting with Columbia Pictures more seriously about accepting the role of Carrie's fundamentalist mom, whose abusive antics push the impressionable girl deeper into a violent rage. We've heard Moore's name pop up before — along with that of Jodie Foster — and while we absolutely adore Piper Laurie's version of mum, Moore's star power could certain benefit the production. Twin Peaks' star Laurie's performance was absolutely unhinged, creepy as hell, and the actress delivered those disturbing quotes about dirty pillows and peers laughing in a completely unforgettable way. Is Moore up to the task? She has some genre cred thanks to Hannibal, she appeared in the Psycho remake, and she plays a different kind of "mother" in the upcoming Seventh Son — Mother Malkin, an "evil high priestess witch" who leads a coven.
Let us know if you can cast someone better for the part of Carrie's mom below, and share your thoughts on Moore's abilities, too. Here's a taste of the original:

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