Watch: Hilarious Bonus Extras from Judd Apatow's '60 Minutes' Interview

Watch: Hilarious Bonus Extras from Judd Apatow's '60 Minutes' Interview

Jan 02, 2013

There were a bunch of really important football games changing your life this past Sunday -- not to mention you were probably crazy busy prepping for another non-eventful New Year's Eve "bash" -- but we hope some of you carved out a little bit of time to watch Judd Apatow's interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. The interview itself is not unlike Apatow's movies: witty, charming, a bit goofy and generally pleasant to watch unfold. Ya know, it just makes you feel good.

Aside from the full interview, 60 Minutes posted a few extras that didn't air. Here's one where real-life wife (and This Is 40 star) Leslie Mann talks about the first date she ever went on with Apatow, including a hilarious line at the end (courtesy of Judd) that embarrasses their kids big time.

There's an all-too-brief chat with Seth Rogen and Jason Segel that aired, so it was nice to see more of that in the bonus extras. Here's Rogen talking about how weird it was that Apatow was friends with all of them when they were teenagers.

Finally, here's Apatow talking to the very good-looking Cooper about how attractive people are like a different species.

And in case you missed it, here's the full interview.

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