International Trailer Dominaton Tour: Cuban Zombies, Colombian Horror, Norwegian Punk Rock and More

International Trailer Dominaton Tour: Cuban Zombies, Colombian Horror, Norwegian Punk Rock and More

Jul 15, 2011

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best – and occasionally the worst – trailers from upcoming international films. In this edition we’ve got Rutger Hauer as a kidnapped beer baron, Colombian military horror, Cuban zombies, the director of [REC] delivering a new thriller and a Norwegian punk rock coming of age featuring The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten..

1. Sleep Tight by Jaume Balaguero, Spain

Director Jaume Balaguero was already a name in the international horror scene before his role as co-director of international hit [REC] vaulted him into the very top tier of international talent. And I think there’s a part of Balaguero that wants to remind people that he’s about more than just zombies. Because while he will be directing (solo, this time) the fourth and final instalment of the [REC] series he first set out to do something entirely different, a claustrophobic thriller titled Sleep Tight. And while it may not be as big and splashy as [REC] this final trailer for the film looks every bit as impressive.

2. Juan of the Dead by Alejandro Brugues, Cuba

A zombie comedy out of Cuba? Seems unlikely, but that’s exactly what you get with Alejandro Brugue’s Juan Of The Dead. And unfortunate – and several years late – pun in the title aside, the trailer actually looks quite fun. Brugues clearly doesn’t have the budget that Edgar Wright and others have had to work with but he does seem to have a good sense of humor and the sight gags are quite good. Promising, this one.

3. Sons Of Norway by Jens Lien, Norway

Punk rock: The great 80s bastion of rebellious youth. But what happens when your hippy father embraces your rebellion? Embraces it to the point of wanting to drum in your new punk rock band? That’s at least part of the premise for Jens Lien’s Norwegian comic-drama Sons Of Norway, a film so determined to get the punk aspect right that they roped in Johnny Rotten not just to appear in a key cameo but also in a producer’s role.

4. The Heineken Kidnapping by Maarten Treurniet, The Netherlands

How will Guinness feel about their former pitchman starring in the true life story of the head of the Heineken brewing empire? Ah, who cares. Rutger Hauer plays Alfred (Freddy) Heineken, the man widely credited with building Heineken into the brewing empire it is today, in the story of Heineken’s real life kidnapping. Heineken was held for three weeks in a story that made headlines around the globe and Maarten Treurniet’s new film looks to turn that story into a gripping thriller.

5. The Squad by Jaime Osorio Márquez, Colombia

I’ve always had a soft spot for military themed horror and Colombia’s Jaime Osorio Márquez looks to have cooked up a good one with The Squad. Any story that fuses black magic with paranoia and skittish men with big guns is off to a good start in my book and Marquez looks to pull his tale off with a remarkable degree of style.

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