Joss Whedon Reveals Unlikely Inspiration for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' Plus a Cool Bonus Clip from 'Thor: The Dark World'

Joss Whedon Reveals Unlikely Inspiration for 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' Plus a Cool Bonus Clip from 'Thor: The Dark World'

Jan 27, 2014

Joss WhedonWhat’s a Monday without some Marvel movie news? A pretty boring Monday. Luckily we’ve got some cool things to share from the comic book movie kingpins.

We start off with a new interview from Joss Whedon. Whedon is hard at work on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he’s drawing inspiration from a rather unusual source: The Godfather: Part II. No, this doesn’t mean the Corleones will be making cameos – it just serves a reference point for how Whedon wants to structure his film.

With events in the other Marvel films influencing what will happen in Age of Ultron, Whedon needs to reference that material, but also keep in mind that not everyone saw those other movies. He cites Coppola’s beloved sequel as a great example of how to handle this conundrum. Here’s his explanation in his own words.

“The model I'm always trying to build from, or my guiding star, is The Godfather: Part II where a ton has happened in-between and it's a very different movie [from Part I], but you don't need any information. It's there in the film about what's happened since, what's different, and why is this a different film; why is it a different kind of structure, and why is it darker. It's all there, you're in the vernacular of the first movie and you're just ready to pick up in this new place, and hopefully that's what will happen with my movie. Obviously I'm talking about one of the greatest films ever made (The Godfather: Part II)... I hope mine will be good, but that is my guiding star."

Whedon’s right about The Godfather: Part II being one of the greatest films ever made – and if you’re going to look for guidance on how to do something, you might as well find inspiration in the best things, right? We’ll find out how successful Whedon and his team are at emulating the structure of this cinematic masterpiece when Age of Ultron lands in theaters in May 2015. [via Geek Tyrant]

Now, for something a little lighter… and potentially SPOILER-IFIC for Thor: The Dark World.

Given Marvel’s love of characters appearing in other characters’ stand-alone films, it’s no surprise that Captain America turned up in his fellow Avenger Thor's second film. However, Empire has shared some cool behind-the-scenes footage featuring Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, donning Cap’s iconic suit.

Hiddleston might sound a little British to play Captain America, but the outfit certainly looks good on him.

The actor presumably wore the costume as a fill-in for Evans (who appears in the final version), but maybe Marvel should have left it as is. Hiddleston’s impersonation of Cap is pretty hilarious.

Thor: The Dark World is available on DVD and Blu-ray this February 24. 





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