Update: 'Shadow of the Colossus' Roars Back to Life with 'Mama' Director

Update: 'Shadow of the Colossus' Roars Back to Life with 'Mama' Director

Sep 04, 2014

Shadow of the Colossus screenshot

Update 9/4/14: Last we heard about Sony's Shadow of the Colossus movie it was being developed for Josh Trank to direct. Once Trank landed Fantastic Four and a Star Wars spin-off, however, it became pretty obvious he was not going to be making that movie anytime soon. 

Sony hasn't given up on the video game adaptation, though, and the studio has now hired Mama director Andy Muschietti to captain a new version that will be written by Seth Lochhead (Hanna). We still don't have a timeline for the movie, but see below for more info about the fantastic, award-winning game it's based on.


Previously 5/23/2012:

Chronicle helmer Josh Trank has been a busy fellow since that modestly budgeted film became a box office success – and he’s adding yet another production to his list of upcoming projects: an adaptation of the PlayStation 2 title Shadow of the Colossus

Trank, who’s a huge fan of Fumito Ueda’s game, has longed to adapt it for the screen since its debut in 2005. With his recent success, he was able to finally make the dream a reality. The question is, how exactly does one bring Shadow of the Colossus into the world of movies?

The game, a commonly cited title whenever debates about the artistic merits of the medium arise, has a well-defined narrative – but it’s also very sparse in terms of dialogue and characters. The story revolves around a young man who believes his one true love has died. Outraged, he travels into a forbidden land and makes a deal with a supernatural entity to bring her back. The cost of this favor is the extinction of 16 colossi – giant creatures roaming the beautifully desolate landscape of the game’s world. The protagonist is all too eager to please, but soon wonders if perhaps he’s being used…

As a companion piece to Ueda’s earlier effort, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus has earned mountains of praise for its ambiance, game design, graphical presentation, and hauntingly minimalist narrative. In world of games where the object is often to shoot things in the face, Ueda’s titles stand out for their more philosophical approach. We’re not sure how Trank will translate that to the screen, but we can’t wait to see the game’s giant goliaths recreated in a big-budget Hollywood setting. The scope of these beasts is one thing that will certainly make the jump to the cinema quite nicely.

Trank’s love of the source material makes us cautiously optimistic about this adaptation. Given that he’s already a fan of the game means he’s well aware of the challenges ahead and already intimately familiar with what makes Shadow of the Colossus such a magical experience. Whether or not he can convince the bosses at Sony to give him complete control over how that vision is brought to the screen is another matter – but we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. 

In the meantime, check out the game's opening cinematic and see what you think. [via Deadline]




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