Rumor Patrol: Is Josh Gad Playing The Penguin In a Batman Movie?

Rumor Patrol: Is Josh Gad Playing The Penguin In a Batman Movie?

May 03, 2017

Josh Gad knows how to whip social media into a frenzy. He spent months messing with Daisy Ridley on the set of Murder on the Orient Express, all of it culminating in a gig hosting the big Star Wars: The Last Jedi panel at Star Wars Celebration. And now it looks like he might be whipping up comic book fans into frenzy.

What happened is, on the surface, innocuous. All Josh Gad did was post the following image of iconic Batman villain The Penguin on Twitter.



That's it. It was presented without commentary. He offered no follow-up. Just a picture of The Penguin. But if you combine it with a few other tidbits, things do get curious.

1. Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and a co-producer on the films of the DC Extended Universe, follows Josh Gad on Twitter. But before getting too excited, this isn't too huge of a deal. Johns follows a ton of people on Twitter who aren't involved in their movies.

2. Buuuut, fellow producer Jon Berg is a lot less active on Twitter and only recently started following Gad as well.

3. Do Twitter follows really matter? Normally no, but there is a bit of a pattern here since Berg and Johns do tend to start following their attached talent before an announcement comes. Apparently that happened with The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa (though he's since left the project), and with Joe Manganiello before he was announced as Deathstroke.



So, we've got a social media pattern, but certainly not a foolproof, predictive one. This is hardly making an ironclad case that Gad is The Penguin, so don't get too excited yet. But don't close the door, either. There are a lot of opportunities for The Penguin to show up in the not too distant future. Maybe he's the bad guy in The Lego Batman Movie sequel. Maybe he's in Matt Reeves' The Batman (for what it's worth, Reeves does not follow Gad on Twitter). Or maybe The Penguin could show up in something like the villain-packed Gotham City Sirens. Those are all viable options, though Gad's comedic inclination does lean us more toward a Lego Batman or Gotham City Sirens (it's easy to imagine him opposite Harley Quinn) than a presumably very serious The Batman.

Either way, if you love playing detective with this kind of stuff, start following Gad on Twitter and picking up any other breadcrumbs he may drop.


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