Josh Brolin Set to Star in Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Remake

Josh Brolin Set to Star in Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Remake

Aug 29, 2011

Actor Josh BrolinAll things considered, we’d prefer no one do a remake of Park Chan-wook’s brilliant Korean revenge thriller Oldboy. The original version is fantastic, and it’s not like the story really benefits from a distinctly American take on the material. However, remaking Oldboy has captivated Hollywood for the past few years. First, it was Steven Spielberg and Will Smith who were set to westernize the film (much to fans’ dismay). That dream (fortunately) fell apart – but the idea of remaking the movie lived on.

The most recent filmmaker attached to the project was Spike Lee – and it appears as though Lee is going to get to bring Oldboy to an entirely new audience. He won’t be doing it alone – as Josh Brolin is now set to star in the film.

Brolin, who was on Lee’s wishlist when he became involved with the project, is now locked in for the role made famous by Korean actor Choi Min-sik in the original. It’s an interesting bit of casting to be sure – but we’re way more excited about the potential of an actor like Brolin playing the part than Will Smith.

If the project stays true to Park’s film, then Brolin will be playing a man who’s kidnapped and locked in a hotel room for fifteen years. After the time period ends, he’s freed – and sets out on a quest to find his captor, with unexpected results.

Shooting on Oldboy is scheduled to start next March. Brolin's itinerary is full – he’s starting Gangster Squad next month, then will hopefully finish work on Oldboy before starring opposite Kate Winslet in Labor Day next June.  

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