Is Jonah Hill Our Next Action Star?

Is Jonah Hill Our Next Action Star?

Jul 08, 2011

Actor Jonah HillWhen one thinks of actor Jonah Hill, the last term that tends to spring to mind is “action star” – yet the young performer seems bound and determined to change his image to just that given his slate of upcoming projects. The question is, will audiences buy the comedy star in more action-intensive roles?

Hill is hoping so. He’s already got a big-screen remake of popular ‘80s cop show 21 Jump Street set for release next year, and now he’s set to star in The Good Time Gang – a new action-comedy scripted by Max Landis. Hill will headline the film alongside Mark Wahlberg, and the duo will play hard partying mercenaries who take on a real case when they begin to hunt down a terrorist – only to discover that one of them is related to their target.

Sources with knowledge of the project tell The LA Times that it’s a “new spin on Lethal Weapon” – only with more of an emphasis on action than comedy.

The project is currently set up at RCR Pictures, a studio funded by World Poker champ Chris Ferguson and run by producer Robin Schorr. While the film is in development, RCR has yet to hire a director to helm the project.

It seems unlikely that Hill will ever become an action star in the vein of Schwarzenegger or Stallone – or even Matt Damon – but the idea of the actor branching out into Lethal Weapon-styled action comedies certainly has some interesting potential. Hill’s success at convincing audiences to accept him in this new light will likely rely on what parts he picks – and titles like 21 Jump Street and The Good Time Gang could be just the right parts. Each would, theoretically, allow audiences to ease into the idea of him being more than just comic relief, while still allowing him to be funny in a more action-oriented role. Only time will tell if Hill can pull off transition, but he wouldn’t be the first comic actor to make the jump from one genre to another if he succeeds. That being said, he’s always going to be Seth in Superbad to us…

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