Johnny Depp's 'Rum Diary' Gets a Trailer

Johnny Depp's 'Rum Diary' Gets a Trailer

Aug 26, 2011

Hunter S. Thompson fans rejoice – the trailer for The Rum Diary adaptation has arrived. It doesn't seem to be Thompson's novel about alcoholic shenanigans in San Juan, Puerto Rico bit for bit, but it's close enough and has been years in the making. Also, Johnny Depp isn't playing a Burton character, so there's that. Similar to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Rum Diary plays with the hazy line between reality and a drug-induced, alcoholic fantasy world.

Depp stars as journalist Paul Kemp who moves to San Juan for an assignment with a local newspaper. While there, he drowns himself in copious amounts of rum, becomes obsessed with a sexy woman named Chenault (Amber Heard), and meets a few strange and unsavory characters. English filmmaker Bruce Robinson directs the story after returning from a long Hollywood hiatus. Apparently the alcoholic director started drinking again during the shoot after he became immersed in Thompson's material. Depp's company Infinitum Nihil is producing. Aaron Eckhart, Richard Jenkins, and Giovanni Ribisi also star.
As Movieline also points out (hat tip for the trailer), there are some differences in the narrative that find Depp trying to save the day against corporate monsters. At least it will allow us to see Eckhart in the role of another scuzzy character, which he plays so well. Get drunk on the trailer below.


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