Johnny Depp Is Your New 'Invisible Man' -- Here's What We Know

Johnny Depp Is Your New 'Invisible Man' -- Here's What We Know

Feb 10, 2016

Johnny Depp / The Invisible Man

Last month, Tom Cruise was confirmed to be starring in a new version of The Mummy, part of Universal's plans to reboot their classic monster movie universe, guided by producers Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious) and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek). Now he'll be joined by Johnny Depp, who is set to star in The Invisible Man, according to Deadline.

No other details have been made available, but based on what's been reported about Universal's plans in general, as well as how the character has been used in the past, here's what we know.


Who's writing?

Ed Solomon (Men in Black) is writing the screenplay, per THR. He joins a distinguished group of writers working on the new universe: Jon Spaihts (The Mummy) and Eric Heisserer (The Thing) are writing the Van Helsing reboot, Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) is writing a new version of The Wolfman and Noah Hawley (TV's Fargo) is reportedy writing another, yet to be identified installment of the series. Universal is also planning to reboot Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.


Is it a period piece?

No. All the new Universal monster movies will be set in the present day.


How has The Invisible Man been portrayed in the past?

Claude Rains starred as Dr. Jack Griffin in the 1933 classic, based on a novel by H.G. Wells and directed by the great James Whale (Frankenstein). Dr. Griffin discovered the secret to invisibility, which unfortunately had the side effect of turning him into a homicidal maniac. Two sequels followed, as well as a spin-off featuring Abbott and Costello.

More modern, unofficial interpretations of the character include the comic adventure The Man Who Wasn't There (1983), starring Steve Gutenberg, John Carpenter's semi-comic Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), starring Chevy Chase, and Paul Verhoeven's very dark and deadly Hollow Man (2000), starring Kevin Bacon. 


When can we expect to see it?

While we know that The Mummy is set for June 9, 2017, and that another Universal monster movie will be hitting theaters on March 30, 2018, we don't know which one will claim that spot.

Johnny Depp is still very much in demand, so it's likely that his availability will affect when The Invisible Man will show up on the big screen. All the films will be connected, with characters interacting with each other across the different installments, but the casting of Cruise and Depp makes it clear that big stars are a priority for the reboots. Expect more big announcements in the weeks and months to come.

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