Johnny Depp Will Star in 'Thin Man' Remake, But Who Should Play Nora Charles?

Johnny Depp Will Star in 'Thin Man' Remake, But Who Should Play Nora Charles?

May 09, 2011

Not long ago it was revealed that Johnny Depp was interested in re-teaming with his Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides director Rob Marshall for a remake of the 1934 classic The Thin Man. Today, a press release confirms the deal is done, with John DeLuca (9) coming onboard to produce, while Marshall will direct and Depp stars.

Depp will, of course, tackle the role of Nick Charles, originally played by William Powell in six Thin Man films, beginning with The Thin Man in 1934 and ending with Song of the Thin Man in 1947. The Thin Man also became a TV series in the late 1950s, though Nick was then played by Peter Lawford. The 1934 film starred Powell as a hard-drinking former detective who teams up on a murder case with his wealthy, boozin' socialite wife, Nora (Myrna Loy).

The role of Nick is perfect for Depp, and seeing how popular the characters of Nick and Nora were and still are means this film is ripe for a remake. The big question now is, who do you get to play Nora. Obviously the casting of Nora Charles means everything to this film because so much of The Thin Man relies on the chemistry between Nick and Nora.

If I were casting it, I'd definitely look into reuniting Depp with his Public Enemies co-star Marion Cotillard, an actress who I think can more than handle Depp, not to mention play a convincing Nora. I'd also consider Depp's Sweeney Todd co-star, Helena Bonham Carter. Both actresses have worked with Depp previously, and they've each proved to have great chemistry with the actor. Plus Bonham Carter needs to stretch her wings a little and get out from under the shadow of her husband Tim Burton -- especially after scoring an Oscar nod for The King's Speech.

Your thoughts on who should play Nora Charles?

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