Watch 10 Minutes of 'John Carter'

Watch 10 Minutes of 'John Carter'

Mar 05, 2012

Still trying to decide whether or not to see John Carter? Disney has kicked off the film's release week by uploading 10 minutes of the film for you to watch on YouTube. Buzz on the sci-fi flick about a Civil War vet who's transported to Mars where he's injected right smack in the middle of another war (only this one features 12-foot tall aliens) has been strong from the geek community, though even they admit it might be a bit confusing for general moviegoers. Still, though, the ads are selling this one like it's the year's first major blockbuster -- a brief taste of summer -- and Disney is hoping that's enough to get folks in seats. We think it just might be.

Will you be seeing John Carter this weekend? Check out the 10-minute clip below and let us know.

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