First 'John Carter' Poster Trades Mars for Ambiguity

First 'John Carter' Poster Trades Mars for Ambiguity

Jun 15, 2011

Not long ago Disney announced that they were truncating the title of their highly anticipated adaptation of John Carter of Mars to simply John Carter.  Fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs' series were simultaneously confused and disappointed.  After all, if you're going to make a movie about a Confederate captain who dies not long after the end of the Civil War and is transported to another planet where he encounters all manner of unearthly beasts and beauties, why not include Mars in the title?  Surely the God of War's name has more immediate draw to it than a stranger's?

But alas, Disney disagrees.  In further disagreement with the idea that you should mention a sci-fi setting when trying to sell a sci-fi movie, the first poster for John Carter gives no indications as to what's in store.  It features a distinct font, sure, but any impact that has is soured by a waist-high shot of Taylor Kitsch as the titular man.  Though we've got nothing against a Kitsch's pecs on the poster, but unfortunately it only brings to mind the marketing for Prince of Persia, and we all remember how well that movie turned out.

John Carter Poster

And just to provide some contrast, here's a sampling of how various artists have visually sold John Carter of Mars over the years.  You tell us which is more exciting.

John Carter Bell and Vallejo


Princess of Mars Book Cover


John Carter of Mars Book Cover


Barsoom Frazetta

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